Afriyie offers “I do” to fans

‘Kotosa’ hitmaker Afriyie has offered ‘I do’ from his goodies bag. The singer opens the song by stating the difficulty in finding the right lover whereupon he makes a transition to appeal to his lover on the wedding day to say the 2 words every man wants to hear ‘I[…]

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Listen: Kaakie’s ‘Roof is on fire’

Listen: Kaakie’s ‘Roof is on fire’

Dancehall artiste Kaakie from Xtra Large Music has released another tune after informing Ghanaians that she is dancehall “Ronaldo”. The ‘Roof is on Fire’ is the latest from Kaakie’s camp and produced by JMJ. Enjoy Click below:

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Pharrell Williams – Gust of Wind

Pharrell Williams – Gust of Wind Director: Edgar Wright Producers: Michael Angelos & Isaac Rice Composers: Pharrell Williams, Thomas Bangalter & Guy-Manuel De Homem-Christo Get Pharrell’s new album G I R L with 10 Brand New Tracks on iTunes: Get Pharrell’s new album G I R L with 10[…]

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Aziza Brahim voices Western Sahara blues

Aziza Brahim was born in the disputed territory of Western Sahara, most of which is currently under Moroccan control, and grew up in refugee camps in south-west Algeria. Now she is using her beautiful and compelling voice to draw the world’s attention to the ongoing plight of her people. “I[…]

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TIME TO VOTE: Who is your Best Female West African Artiste?

CLICK HERE TO VOTE FOR YOUR BEST FEMALE ARTISTS FROM WEST AFRICA NOW Wiyaala, aka ”the young lioness of Africa” is a personification of modern Africa: creative, brave, strong, beautiful. Her name, Wiyaala, literally translates to “the doer” in Sissala, her tribal language in which she sings alongside English, and[…]

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Africa Beats: Tumi Molekane, South Africa’s hip-hop poet

South African rapper Tumi Molekane is as much a poet as he is a musician – and his thought-provoking lyrics are delivered with easy grace. For the BBC’s Africa Beats series he has reunited with Mozambican guitarist Tiago Correia-Paulo, from his former group The Volume, to perform Signs. He says[…]

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Ghanaian opera singer Nino challenges perceptions

Ghanaian singer Nino challenges perceptions of opera by adding his own twist. He told Sophie Ikenye what his music is all about, before singing out the BBC’s Focus on Africa programme with his rendition of Nessun Dorma, an aria from Giacomo Puccini’s opera Turandot. Source:

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Africa Beats: Putting the soul into Soweto

The BBC series Africa Beats is back, looking at up-and-coming musical talent from around the continent. The new series begins with The Soil, a trio from Kasi Soul who perform in a melodic township style which they call Kasi Soul. The group’s debut album, also called The Soil, has gone[…]

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Africa Beats: Afrikaans rapper Jaak

The Afrikaans rapper, Jaak, uses hip-hop to raise the consciousness of his people, whom he calls the ”brown” underclass of Paarl in South Africa, usually referred to as people of mixed heritage. He hopes to give the youth of his community pride in their history. The song 63,000 describes how[…]

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